In the most controversial game in years Central Dauphin pulled off a 15-14 upset over the Nationally Ranked Harrisburg Cougars…or did they? Watch the last minute of this game and you will see how the Cougars were cheated outed of the final 7+ seconds from the 2-yard line!

We don’t know how something like this could happen especially when one of the officials should have had the official time on the field. It was clearly a scoreboard malfunction and everybody knew it!

After the officials signaled the game was over Central Dauphin staff and players quickly excited the field without shaking hands. Almost running off the field to ensure no one could make them play another down.

At the end of the day it’s just High School Football but if the Cougars would have done what Central Dauphin did and run off the field in that manner there would be a huge outrage about sportsmanship and how terrible Harrisburg’s players and coaching staff are. Central Dauphin is a good football team but they know they got lucky. Harrisburg had 6 turnovers and didn’t get to run their last play of the game and CD still was only able to squeak out a 1 point victory. We hope these two teams get a re-match, but this time with better officials.