Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Township, Dauphin County plans to reopen Friday.

The park will have reduced hours and limited attractions. The safari tour will be a drive-thru with visitors using their own cars.

“Changing the tour into a drive-thru will be the safest way to open that section of the park”, said Jan Tobias-Kieffer, spokesperson for Lake Tobias. “It eliminates the close seating that occurs on our Safari Tour busses which would not be safe at this time. And sending safari buses out with the few riders that would be properly distanced would not be feasible.” The park intends to continue the drive-thru aspect throughout the 2020 season.

A waiver must be signed before entering the fields with your vehicle and that strict rules and restrictions will be placed on the vehicles that choose to take the drive-thru. The waiver can be found online for visitors to print out prior to coming and also handed out at the admission booths.

The walk-about area of the park, which includes the zoo exhibits, petting zoo, and Zoo Babies exhibit, will also be opened on June 5 with emphasis on social distancing between family groups and with limited occupancy in the petting zoo. However, the reptiles and exotics facility will be closed.

“We are making every effort to open the park in the safest possible way for our employees, our visitors, and our animals,” said Tobias-Kieffer. “So, there will be changes that have to be made and we hope our visitors are understanding of that.” In compliance with CDC guidelines and PA State COVD-19 requirements, the park’s employees will be wearing masks and gloves where required, additional disinfecting will be done on all high-touch areas and in restrooms where limited capacity will be required; and visitors will be reminded to both social distance their family units and be encouraged to wear masks, especially those with health concerns. “The science and medical experts are saying that being outside is the safest place to be right now. So, we want to open the park and give people that option”, said Tobias-Kieffer.

Entrance to the park will be available daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the gates closing at 5 p.m. For rates, information, and updates, go to