No matter what new details come about two families lives will never be the same.

Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick ruled the death of a Harrisburg teenage woman a homicide after finishing her autopsy Thursday.

19-year-old Semajay Smith was shot Wednesday night along Derry Street, Hetrick said. She died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

Harrisburg police have arrested 49 year old Frank L. Morris. We have been told from sources that wish to remain anonymous that the incident started as a Landlord/Tenate dispute. Semajay Smith was renting from Morris when they came to a disagreement about activities that were going on the property. Morris boarded up Smith’s apartment before the full eviction process was carried out. When Semajay and a few other friends approached Frank about the apartment door being boarded up things went left and a physical alterication began to take place. We are told Frank fired two warning shots into the air, one which ricochet and struck Smith.

This is a sad story all around. Mr. Frank has always bene an upstanding member of the community from what we know about him and Semajay was a peaceful young lady from our reports. Our prayers are with both families. RIP Semaj Smith and Justice for Frank.