Ari Fletcher is a Chicago native who is no stranger to the streets or gun violence. The entrepreneur use to date famous rapper G-Herbo and boxer Gervonta Davis.

This past Saturday she was hosting in at Bridges Nightclub in Harrisburg, PA when gun shots went off inside the club! Her reaction was priceless! Almost more annoyed then worried. We are glad no one was hurt in the incident but Harrisburg has go to do better. Bridges is the #1 nightclub in Central PA and the last thing we need is for this establishment to be shut down because someone made a dumb decision. Please be smarter and if you feel you need to take a gun or any weapon into a nightclub, just do the entire city a favor and stay home. Bridges is still one of the safest nightclubs in Central PA and this isolated incident does not represent the usual crowds actions at the venue.

Check out some memes that have been circulating about the event below!