We don’t know all the details but we will at least post what information we do have here. Jana Anthony went over to Ari’s hotel to do her make up when she arrived in Harrisburg. It seems as if Ari was trying to skip out on paying MUA Jana Anthony and when she asked for her price, Ari felt differently. At the end of the day she did Ari’s makeup late at night and is 8 months pregnant and should have got paid for her work in a timely manner. Check out the IG messages and post below! The Ari Army is currently spamming Jana Anthony’s facebook!

For those who don’t know Jana Anthony is one of the top MUA in Pennsylvania. I guess they do it differently in Chicago.

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Bitch you told me “pay what you think you should give me” bitch you don’t deserve shit cause my make up wasn’t on SHIT! I payed you late and gave you $80 and all of a sudden make up is $55 and TRAVEL IS $80 bitch if that ain’t the dumbest shit I ever heard of in my life… bitch take that 80 and stop playing with me hoe. You bitches be trying to get over and tried to act like all of a sudden it’s a set price cause I didn’t pay you right after you left out, which is my bad cause I always be forgetting but bitch you got paid so stop playing with me hoe. Talking about pay what you think you should get then it’s a 80 traveling fee but make up only 55, bitch you can suck 135 dicks.

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