Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, D.J. Williams and Omar Kelly welcome 2x Super Bowl Champion, Lesean Mccoy to episode 14 of I AM ATHLETE Podcast. The group discusses a range of topics that ultimately lead to the controversial subject about Antonio Brown and the situation that led him to taking his pads off and leaving the field during a live game. The cast start the show by bringing up the topic of women, and why they choose to go down the plastic surgery route when it comes to beauty. The conversation begins to take a turn from Antonio Brown to Tom Brady. Lesean explains how he believes Tom is the greatest football player to ever play, stating that he was a complete competitor and knew how to make an entire team better. Lesean says how he has never seen someone prepare the way Tom has. Brandon talks about the Antonio Brown situation and says he needs to get some help in order to learn how to become emotionally intelligent. He relates this back to when he was a young player and didn’t know how to control his emotions which put a target on his back when it came to the league and the media. He really hopes that Antonio can figure out how to properly handle these situations, even if he is right in the conflict.