What was supposed to be a great night for Bridges Club in Harrisburg, PA, quickly turned into another scary experience for attendees. During the “Day Service Day Party”, shots were fired inside the nightclub injuring a woman.

Corporal Brian Henry said he didn’t have many details to share about the shooting. Harrisburg Police are investigating, he said.

According to patrons, the bar at 321 N. Second St. was packed with patrons when someone in the crowd started shooting. Henry confirmed the shooting happened on the second floor.

The owner of the club, Erik Soho, said he had “no comment.”

Shots were reportedly fired around 8 p.m., Henry said. Several witnesses said they didn’t hear them, but saw a crowd of people rushing to exit the social club.

Bridges was also supposed to be hosting hip hop artsist Jim Jones, a rapper from New York City, Saturday night, according to a Facebook event page. His performance was scheduled at 10 p.m. but Bridges immediately closed following the shooting.

This is the second time in recent months that shots have fire at Bridges nightclub and the public is starting to get tired of it. The organizers of the Day Service Series do a great job promoting and marketing their events and it sucks that one person can make a stupid decision and ruin all of their hard work. #WeSupportDayService #WeSupportBridges #MakeHBGLitAgain